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Welcome to a world overflowing with colors that match the joys of life. A world filled with forms that capture the essence of moments and of dreams. A world in which, canvases breathe life into fairy tales. A world in which, the boundaries between reality and imagination are blurred to create a wonderful illusion.

Welcome to the enchanting world of paintings! Welcome to paintingsforever.com!

paintingsforever.com is an attempt to share the infinite beauty and wonder of paintings. Here you will find the paintings of Mrs. Pallavi Rakesh. Pallavi has worked on a variety of mediums including canvas, glass and pot. Her paintings center on the everlasting treasure of delightful moments that is hidden within nature and within everyday human life. In every medium, Pallavi has tried to portray these moments in elegant forms and lively colors. Her paintings reflect the brightness and joy that surrounds us.

We are glad to welcome you in the journey of colors and emotions. We hope you will have a good time going through the paintings.

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Glass Paintings

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About Pallavi Rakesh

Pallavi Rakesh as an Artist Mrs. Rakesh offers an exclusive collection of Ethnic Designs in Indian and European contemporary styles. The two significant aspects of her art are the excellence of her craft and the variety in her themes and techniques of presentation. She has used Canvas, Glass, Pottery and Ceramic as the medium of expression.

Pallavi Rakesh

Artist - Dentist

"My art has thought me patience and skill which are unconditional essentials of my profession"

However considering the education as her first priority during childhood, she did not take the opportunity to be trained in a formal art school. She on the other hand was given all the encouragement by her parents. She got guidance and support through Mrs. Mamtha in Bangalore, India who helped her to realize her core competence in designing and understanding the aesthetics of paintings. Right from childhood her inclination towards arts and the drive within her to excel has put her on platform where challenges have become a part of her life.

The oil and glass paintings are a unique mix of cultural and modern ethos. Her paintings are straight, firm, deep-rooted and massive in meaningful message. Pain, passion, dream and despair have their full echo in her magnificent strokes of brush with unfamiliar mingling of colors.

"There is a dream, desire, peace and love deep inside me. A human being who yearns for a meaningful existence. It is the human presence and animal interactions that arouses my attention and stirs my creative inner space. I have been committed through my work, seeking a definition of my thoughts and feelings. My art has thought me patience and skill which are unconditional essentials of my Dental profession".



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